Creators who are unicorns

We work together with leading content creators who fit into our values here at yyy,
creators who know how to tell a story and provide authentic value to the brands they collaborate with and advertise.
We believe in content creators and we want to help them make their unique voice heard around the world.
We know for certain that brand-creator collaboration provides value to both the brands and the creators,
so that the creator can continue creating content and speak directly to their audience.
If you have a unique audience and would like to join our team so we can take you to the next level – contact us now.
We’d be happy to see what we can do together.

Liron Rosen

Miss Reine
300K subscribers+

Reut Levinberg

Buy it for me
Coming Soon

Efrat Leket

Mother coaches
New Channel

Moran Tarsov

The Tarasov Family
500K subscribers+

Susie Boom

Youtube and opinion leader

Idan Naiditz

Network star

Chen Halfon

Successful religious Youtuber 
30K subscribers+

ג'וזף סטאר

The Tarasov Family
500K subscribers+

Danny Kushmewitz

Network star
50K subscribers+

Noga Dangeli

Comedian & network creator

Liron & Amir

Content creators & designers
300K subscribers+