Learn How to Create Attractive and Relevant Content

To succeed on YouTube, first you have to know the rules of the game. That’s why we’re here. Come learn from Israel’s most successful YouTubers and content creators. Learn practical knowledge that’ll take you to the next level so you can become a YouTube professional. You’ll learn YouTube Storytelling, how to get featured on the Trending page and how to create a community around you, whether you’re a creator or a brand.

Israel’s First School of YouTube Professions

YouTube has its own rules – learn how to work them right!

How do you really produce and manage a YouTube channel? How do you tell a story on YouTube so it turns into an experience that drives action and sales? What’s the right way to create a marketing campaign on the world’s hottest platform?

No one is born a YouTuber and believe us, that to get your video featured on the Trending page, you need a little more than a webcam. We started the New School of YouTube Professions so that you too can take advantage of the awesome commercial potential of the world’s most popular video platform.

We’ve developed courses that accomodate beginners and professionals and we’ve gathered the best creators and teachers, so that you too can become top notch channel managers and content producers.

YouTube My Business

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What You'll Learn

The golden rules to managing a successful YouTube channel

Step-by-step YouTube channel management

Creating winning video content

YouTube Storytelling

AdWords paid campaigns and marketing

Data and analytics-based content

Commercial collaborations with brands

The lecturers:

Amir Rosen

Creates digital content and design lecturer.

For the past two years, Amir has been managing Miss Reine’s YouTube channels, a group of YouTube channels with close to 300,000 followers, which are among the largest YouTube channels in Israel that produce content for an adult audience.

Moran Zer Katzenstein

Formerly marketing manager at YouTube and Google Israel and currently the owner of the yyy content company.
Moran has previously held a number of senior marketing positions in Coca-Cola, L’Oreal and as Vice President of Marketing at the Honigman Group.